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Pudina or Mint leaves and its health benefits...
Published By kiran8 on 2011-08-23 834 Views

Mint is one of the most useful herbs that has many health benefits !

Mint, also known as Pudina in India is a very popular herb that can be easily grown in our garden.Mint also has the botanical name Mentha Sativa .

There are many medicinal qualities associated with mint and it is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines. Mint is used popularly in traditional medicines that are used to cure many diseases such as headache and digestive disorders. It is also extensively used in mouth fresheners and cough syrups.Mint oil extracted from the leaves, stem and its tiny flowers is used in treating stomach disorders and toothache !

It can easily be grown in a wide plastic container which gives it enough space to spread . You can harvest the leaves and tender stems as and when you require them. This encourages the herb to grow well. All that is required is adding mulch and some fertiliser to the pot or the base of the plant if it is growing in a prepared bed in your garden.


 This aromatic herb has many health benefits and it is extensively used in cooking and in medication.There are also many varieties of mint . The more well known ones are spearmint,peppermint and the normal variety that we come across.

Mint leaves are excellent to use while making soups and also can be used as garnish with salads. It adds nutrients,flavor and a unique taste to the dish. In India many varieties of dips, chutneys and green curries are prepared with mint leaves as its main ingredient.

It is also a beauty product . Mint leaves ground into a fine paste and applied on pimples and scars help in clearing it. Mint leaves boiled in water and used for washing hair stops hair fall…For those with bad breath, gargling the mouth with a solution of hot water and mint , helps in getting rid of this problem.


Read more: http://healthmad.com/alternative/pudina-or-mint-leaves-and-its-health-benefits/#ixzz1VsNs7Tep

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